Pay Point is helping the people to buy things online

Online shopping or e-commerce has become a well known term to everyone, this industry is growing month by month because of several innovative modes to reach more online buyers. Due to leading trend of e-commerce, these companies coming on edge to edge into competitions. Flipkart, a leader among these e-commerce companies, have initiated the concept to sell the products through E-gift voucher.

Pay point India have recently added this service to generate the Flipkart EGV online on its transaction portal. Customers from rural or semi rural area face day to day difficulties like cash withdrawal from ATM, interrupted online purchases due to poor or no internet coverage in their village/town.

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Flipkart voucher can help those customers who want to purchase some product from Flipkart and don’t have the online payment cards such as Debit card or Credit card. This is a boon for those customers who want to purchase a product where cash on delivery option is not available.

Flipkart E-Gift voucher can be generated through 3 simple steps on the transaction portal by any Pay point India Retailer.

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After getting the Flipkart EGV and it’s PIN on his mobile number and email, a customer can buy any product from the Flipkart site and he can pay the amount through EGV option. if the value of the product is less than the EGV then remaining balance can be redeemed later with the same EGV & PIN.

EGV can be used till 12 month after its generation, It can be used to buy any product except ‘Flipkart First’ service. EGVs cannot be redeemed for Cash or Credit, There is no fee or other charges associated with EGV purchase. Customer can combine and use a maximum of 15 vouchers per order. They can be combined with promotional codes.