Domestic Money Transfer by PaypointZ wallet

We know that remittance has become a very popular way to send money now a days but fast and convenient methods for money transfer are a few. To avoid this hassle, Pay Point India have recently started its own “Domestic M​oney Transfer” service powered by its RBI approved PaypointZ wallet which is not only fast and convenient but very much secure also. You can transfer the money any time to any bank any branch across India.

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Given here are the few benefits and features of this service-

  • No new enrolment or document needed from retailer
  • Money can be sent to any bank branch in India through NEFT mode
  • Customer can send up to Rs.10,000/- in a month
  • Money transfer if requested in banking hours, will be done same day, if in non-banking hours then proceed for the next banking day

Hours for money transfer : 

Monday – Friday : 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM

Saturday : 8.00 AM to 11.00 AM

Sunday – Closed(request can be booked)

  • After these banking hours, money transfer request can be placed but it will be processed on next banking day like NEFT.
  • It requires min 3 banking hours for realization in beneficiary account after transaction

Money Transfer Process:

  • First time customer(sender) has to register his/her mobile number and a wallet will be issued
  • Wallet will be loaded by retailer through his account balance first
  • Beneficiary bank account details will be registered
  • OTP will be generated and sent to sender’s mobile
  • After dual verification money will be transferred to beneficiary.
  • Remittance request will be Rs. 5000/-(max) in one attempt
  • Money above Rs 5000, for eg. Rs. 6,500/- will be transferred in two attempt i.e Rs. 5000/- and Rs. 1500/-