‘Bridging the Gap’ Interview of Director Mr. Romil Meghani in ‘Power Today’

The interview of Mr. Romil Meghani with Power Today is about how Pay Point India caters to customer in Chhattisgarh’s Naxal belts and Ekal Batti zones as the people are willing to pay for electricity but do not have the mode to do so. Pay Point India’s service bridge this gap between transmission boards and consumers. Mr. Meghani explicitly explains the advantage of this pre-paid model. He also talks the challenged faced by the company to persuade the PSUs as they are apprehensive about outsourcing collection services. They have flouted tenders as per protocols while some are in the pilot phase. He explains criteria for being a CSP with Pay Point India and KYC needs. Mr. Meghani talks about the technology aspect wherein their company follows the best global coding norms, has a disaster recovery system, authentication, validation, certification etc. He adds that such services is the need for people at the bottom of pyramid.

Power Today (National) July 17, 2015 page no.26-27 Power Today (National) July 17, 2015 page no.28 Power Today (National) July 17, 2015 page no.29 - Copy

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