Pay Point India has opened 32000 account in 3 months

Jawhar is a small town and a municipal council in Palghar district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. During initial phase of SBI customer service point appointment, Pay Point focused FIP areas like ‘Jawhar’ of rural Maharashtra where labor class tribal live. These villages were totally unbanked. Even internet and electricity are not available.

Que for acct openeing

Que for Account Opening

Pay Point India team took the challenge to cross this barrier & successfully opened 32000+ accounts in these villages within 3 months. Pay Point India team & CSP travelled & volunteered from village to village and brought up the unbanked people on its own vehicle to open the accounts, On an average 350 accounts were opened everyday despite irregular power supply and internet connectivity. CSP Agents had earned over Rs. 3.5 lac for opening these accounts and villagers got the MNREGA money directly in their account. Thousands of people are getting their money as government subsidies, pensions, scholarship through these accounts every month.